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102001017 Routing Number

102001017 Routing Number

102001017 Routing Number: In the digital age, conducting financial transactions has become an effortless task. Aided by sophisticated tools and systems, users can transfer funds, manage accounts, or pay bills online. 

102001017 Routing Number

A critical cog in this wheel is the ABA routing number, specifically, the 102001017 routing number. This unique nine-digit number has a crucial role in identifying the financial institution involved in the transaction.  In this blog, we will demystify everything about the 102001017 routing number, its relevance, usage, and how to use it efficiently and securely.

Understanding the Routing Number 102001017

To begin with, the routing number 102001017 is associated with FirstBank, which is headquartered in Colorado, USA. FirstBank is one of the largest privately held banks in Colorado, with branches extending to California and Arizona. The routing number 102001017 is primarily used by FirstBank customers in Colorado to facilitate wire transfers and other automatic transfers.

A routing number, in general, is like an address for a bank. Just as your house address guides a delivery person to your doorstep, the routing number 102001017 guides your money to the correct bank during a transaction.  The American Bankers Association (ABA) introduced this system of routing numbers in 1910, which continues to be a cornerstone of the banking infrastructure.

The Structure of Routing Numbers

A routing number consists of nine digits with a specific meaning. When you look at the 102001017 number, the first four digits, ‘1020,’ are the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol. The next four digits, ‘0101,’ are the ABA Institution Identifier, and the final digit, ‘7,’ is the check digit. This check digit helps validate the entire routing number and reduces errors in transactions.

Uses of the 102001017 Routing Number

The 102001017 routing number is used in several types of financial transactions:

  • Direct Deposits and Payroll: Businesses use the routing number to set up direct deposit systems for employees. It’s also used for tax refunds, pension payments, and more.
  • Electronic Payments: When paying bills electronically, you would use the routing number for setting up the payment.
  • Wire Transfers: The routing number is essential to send or receive domestic wire transfers.
  • Federal Payments: If you are receiving federal benefits such as social security, you’ll need the routing number for direct deposits.

How to Find Your Routing Number?

As a FirstBank customer in Colorado, your routing number (102001017) can typically be found in a few places:

  • Bank Statements: Your monthly statement will have the routing number.
  • Online Banking: If you are logged into your online account, your routing number can typically be found under account details.
  • Checkbook: The routing number is printed on the bottom left corner of your checks.
  • Bank’s Website or Customer Service: Most banks list their routing numbers on their websites. Alternatively, you can call customer service, and they can provide it.

Safety and Security Measures

While the routing number itself isn’t confidential information, it’s crucial to be cautious while providing it, especially alongside your bank account number, as it can potentially lead to unauthorized access to your account.

  • Share Wisely: Only share your routing and account numbers with trusted entities and for valid transactions.
  • Monitor Accounts: Regularly monitor your bank statements for any suspicious activity.
  • Secure Connections: Ensure you’re using a secure and private internet connection when performing online transactions.
  • Contact Bank: If you suspect any fraudulent activities, immediately contact your bank.


Understanding your routing number, in this case, 102001017 for FirstBank, Colorado, is an essential aspect of managing your personal finances. It’s more than just a string of digits – it’s a unique identifier that ensures your money reaches its intended destination.

As we increasingly embrace digital banking solutions, having the knowledge and understanding of such fundamental banking aspects will empower us to navigate the financial landscape with confidence and security. So, the next time you make a transaction, remember the critical role played by your humble routing number. Remember to always exercise caution when sharing your banking details and reach out to your bank whenever in doubt. Happy banking!


This article provides general information about the routing number 102001017. For specific personal financial advice, it’s best to contact your financial advisor or banking representative.

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