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Costco Holiday Hours Memorial Day 2023

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Costco Holiday Hours Memorial Day 2023

Costco Holiday Hours Memorial Day 2023: Being the largest retailer in the world, Costco become so popular by providing high-quality products and also providing unbeatable prices.   Every year, millions of customers will do shopping at Costco at the time of the holiday season to simply find out the best deals and also the discounts on all their favorite products.

Costco Holiday Hours Memorial Day 2023

As the memorial day is around the corner, lots of people wonder about the Costco holiday hours and also about what they can expect at the time of shopping at this popular store.

What is Memorial Day?

As you know that memorial Day is mainly considered one of the federal holidays in the United States and it was celebrated on the last Monday of May month.  This day is primarily celebrated to honor and remember the men and women who get died at the time of serving in the United States military.  Lots of people will use the memorial day as an opportunity to spend quality time with family members and friends and also they will attend the parade and events and also enjoy the unofficial beginning of the summer. 

Costco Holiday Hours for Memorial Day

Costco Hours Today Costco Open Hours Costco Closed Hours
Monday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Tuesday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Wednesday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Thursday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Friday 10:30 AM 10 PM


Costco is mainly popular for its generous holiday hours. Most of the Costco locations will be open on memorial day and the exact hours of operation depend on the location. Mainly, Costco stores will open from 9 Am to 6 PM on memorial day.  It is really good to confirm it first by making a visit to the local store to know their exact holiday hours. 

Shopping at Costco On Memorial Day

It is really good to do shopping at Costco on memorial day to simply find out some of the amazing deals and discounts on several types of products.  If you are looking for outdoor gear, home appliances, or groceries, Costco is having everything you need at unbeatable prices. You must need to be prepared for the crowds and also for the long queue which is quite similar during the holiday time. 

Tips for Shopping at Costco On Memorial Day

In terms to do the shopping at Costco at the time of memorial day, you need to check out the tips we are sharing below to simply get the best experience of shopping. 

  • Arrive Early: In terms to avoid the long lines and huge crowds, you need to arrive early at the store in the morning. 
  • Make a List: Before visiting the Costco store, you just need to be ready with a complete list of the items which you are willing to buy so that you will not get distracted at the time shopping. 
  • Bring a Friend: Shopping with a friend will make the experience so enjoyable and also it helps you to navigate the crowds in a simple and easy manner. 
  • Use a Cart: Costco is mainly popular because of its bulk products and using a cart helps you to carry out your purchases easily. 

Final Verdict

Costco is a place where you can be able to get the best shopping experience if you are willing to get the best discounts and best deals. Most of the Costco location gets open on a memorial day but it is really good to check out and confirm it from your local store to confirm their specific holiday hours.

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