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Food Lion Christmas Eve Hours 2023

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Food Lion Christmas Eve Hours 2023

Food Lion Christmas Eve Hours 2023: As Christmas is coming, lots of people have started to complete their holiday shopping. If you are one of the food lion shoppers, you may be wondering about the hours of operation of the store on Christmas Eve.  So, for your ease, we are going to provide you the detailed information about food lion’s Christmas Eve hours and also we will simply assist you with your last-minute shopping.

Food Lion Christmas Eve Hours 2023

Simply read this article till the end to know all the information properly and simply. 

Food Lion  Hours Today Food Lion  Open Hours Food Lion  Closed Hours
Monday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Tuesday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Wednesday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Thursday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Friday 10:30 AM 10 PM


What is Food Lion?

Food Lion is one of the grocery store chains which will operate in lots of southern states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Food Lion provides lots of products like fresh produce, meat, dairy, and bakery items as well. 

Food Lion Christmas Eve Hours 2023

Food Lion stores mainly have extended hours on Christmas Eve to simply accommodate the last-minute shopper. The particular hours may depend upon the location and here we are going to share some tips which help you to find out the local store’s hours. 

  • Check the Food Lion Website

The easy method to find out the local’s store hours is to check out the food lion website. You need to simply make a visit to the homepage of the website and then click on the store locator tab.  There, you need to enter your ZIP code or city and state to simply find out the store near you. When you select your store then you will be able to see their hours of operation like their special holiday hours. 

  • Call Your Local Store

If you are having issues at the time of finding out your local store’s hours online, then you can make a call to the store in a direct manner. The phone number of the store is mainly available on the official website of food lion or in the phone book. The store associate will also be able to provide you with the proper information related to the store’s hours and also the special holiday hours. 

  • Check Social Media

Food Lion also posts information related to their holiday hours on their social media handles as well. You can simply check out the Facebook or Twitter page for updates on the holiday hours and also some of the other important announcements. 

Tips for Last-Minute Shopping at Food Lion

  • Make a List

Before you make a visit to the store, you have to make a list of the items which you are willing to purchase. It also helps you to stay focused and also to avoid impulse buys as well. 

  • Get There Early

Food Lion stores will get crowded on Christmas Eve and it is really good to be there early. You need to try to avoid shopping at the time of peak hours like the late afternoon or early evening. 

Final Verdict

If you are one of the food lion shoppers then it is really important for you to know about the store’s hours on Christmas Eve.  You can simply use the tips and also the resources in this guide to simply find out your local store’s hours and also make the most of your last-minute shopping trip.  If you are picking up the ingredients for Christmas dinner or stocking up on the snacks for the holiday break, food lion is having everything you need to make the season bright.

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