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Is Chipotle Open on MLK Day?

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Is Chipotle Open on MLK Day?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is mainly considered a federal holiday which is celebrated in the United States to celebrate the life and also the achievement of Martin Luther King Jr.

This day is mainly celebrated on the third Monday in January. Lots of businesses and government offices also gest closed on this day.

Is Chipotle Open on MLK Day?

If you love to visit Chipotle and also want to grab a burrito on Martin Luther King Jr. Day then you will be wondering whether this restaurant chin is open on this day or not. To know more, read this article till the end. 

Chipotle’s MLK Day Hours 2023

Chipotle generally offers fresh, made-to-order Mexican food which mainly includes bowls, tacos, burritos, and salads. The restaurant chain is mainly operated its business in more than 2600 locations in the United States and it also operates on most holidays as well. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Chipotle has lots of special hours or gets closed altogether. 

In terms to know their exact operation hours on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it is good to check out your local restaurant. You can simply locate your nearest Chipotle restaurant and get their contact details by using their official website or official app as well.

You only have to enter the area zip code and also the name of the city and state. After this, the website or the app will show you the list of nearby restaurants of chipotle. 

If you are planning to visit Chipotle on Martin Luther King Jr. Day then it is really good to make a call to them and simply confirm their operation hours. In this manner, you will not get disappointed if you will find out that your local Chipotle is closed. 

Why do Some Businesses close On MLK Day?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is mainly celebrated as a federal holiday and businesses will provide the day off to the employees and even the people who are working in the post office and government offices will get the day off for this. 

Not all businesses get closed on this day and some of the businesses like retail stores and restaurants will opt to stay open to simply cater to the customers who are off work and willing to do shopping or want to dine out. 

There are lots of businesses are available which opt to close on martin luther king Jr day as a sign of respect for Dr. King and also for his contributions to civil rights and also social justice as well. 

Final Verdict

If you want to get a burrito or the bowl from Chipotle on martin luther King Jr. Day then it is really good to check out from your local restaurant or simply confirm their operation hours.

Chipotle mainly operate on most of the holidays like Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day and they also have special hours or may get closed on martin luther king Jr. Day.

It is really important to reflect on Dr. King’s legacy and the ongoing fight for social justice and equality.

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