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Jostens Locations

Jostens Locations

Jostens Locations: Jostens is an American company founded in 1897 with a rich history spanning over a century. It has been a leading manufacturer of class rings, yearbooks, graduation regalia, and related school items.

Jostens Locations

From its modest beginnings in Owatonna, Minnesota, Jostens has grown to serve thousands of schools and millions of students across North America. This article will explore the vast network of Josten’s locations and its omnipresence in the education sector.

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

The heart of the Jostens company lies in its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The headquarters is not just the physical space where executive decisions are made, but it’s also a hub of creativity and innovation, where new designs and concepts for class rings, yearbooks, and other products are brought to life.  Here, the company’s unique vision of celebrating student achievements is cultivated and disseminated to all of its locations.

Jostens Locations On Hours:

Jostens Hours Today Jostens Open Hours Jostens Closed Hours
Monday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Tuesday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Wednesday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Thursday 10:30 AM 10 PM
Friday 10:30 AM 10 PM

Manufacturing Sites

  • Owatonna, Minnesota

Owatonna is not only Jostens’ birthplace but also the home of one of its manufacturing sites. Here, the skilled artisans meticulously design and craft various Jostens products, like class rings and graduation regalia. This location is a testament to Jostens’ commitment to quality and tradition.

  • Clarksville, Tennessee

Another significant manufacturing site is in Clarksville, Tennessee. This facility is where a large percentage of the company’s class rings and championship rings are produced. The experts at this location employ a combination of time-honored craftsmanship and modern technology to create products of superior quality.

  • Regional Offices

Jostens also has a significant number of regional offices spread across the United States. Each office oversees operations in its respective region, ensuring the smooth implementation of the company’s services in various educational institutions. Some of these include:

  • Denver, Colorado

This office oversees operations in the Rocky Mountain region. This includes managing relationships with high schools and colleges in the area, offering personalized services, and ensuring timely delivery of products.

  • Dallas, Texas

The Dallas office manages operations in the Southern United States. This office is key in maintaining relations with many schools in Texas and neighboring states.

  • Visalia, California

The Visalia office supervises the Pacific region, including California and other West Coast states. It plays an essential role in addressing the needs of thousands of schools in this diverse and populous region.

  • Representatives in Schools

In addition to the physical locations, Jostens has a widespread network of representatives who work directly within schools. These representatives are crucial to the company’s operation as they bridge the gap between Jostens and the students and staff at various schools. They assist with everything from sizing for rings and caps and gowns to designing yearbooks. This network of school representatives is another vital aspect of Jostens’ location, as it allows the company to have a presence in virtually every state across the country.

  • Online Presence

In the digital age, Jostens’ online presence is just as important as its physical locations., the company’s official website, allows students, parents, and educators to browse products, place orders, and seek customer support. The website is instrumental in making Jostens’ products accessible to a broader audience beyond its physical reach.


Jostens’ locations are as diverse and widespread as the students it serves. From its headquarters in Minneapolis to its manufacturing sites in Owatonna and Clarksville, regional offices spread across the United States, and an expansive network of school representatives, Jostens’ footprint is evident in the American education landscape. Additionally, its robust online presence helps ensure that no matter where you are, you’re likely never too far from Jostens and the services it offers. This omnipresence showcases Jostens’ commitment to celebrating and uplifting student achievements across the nation.

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