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Micro Center Dallas Phone Number

Micro Center Dallas Phone Number

Micro Center Dallas Phone Number: In the current time period, digital technologies and electronic devices have become deeply entrenched and indispensable elements of our daily lives.

From smartphones and laptops to cutting-edge gaming consoles and sophisticated networking devices, the demand for these products is continually increasing. 

To cater to this growing demand, several retail outlets have emerged as reliable suppliers of tech gadgets. 

Micro Center stands out as a premier entity in this domain, offering an extensive assortment of top-notch technological goods.

Micro Center Dallas Phone Number

In particular, their Dallas store has gained significant recognition for its exceptional customer service and extensive product lineup. 

This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the Micro Center Dallas, focusing primarily on its contact details, the importance of its phone number, its offerings, and its customer service.

The Importance of Micro Center Dallas Phone Number

Micro Center’s Dallas store, much like other retail outlets, relies heavily on its contact details to ensure seamless communication with its customers. 

Among these details, the store’s phone number is a critical component. 

The phone number acts as a direct link between the store and its patrons, facilitating an instant, personalized, and reliable channel for communication. 

Customers can utilize the store’s contact number to communicate their inquiries about products, voice complaints, or offer suggestions, serving as a versatile tool for information and feedback.

Contact Details: Micro Center Dallas Phone Number

The Micro Center Dallas store can be reached at their contact number, which is typically available on the Micro Center’s official website or at other online directory services. 

It is highly suggested that customers make use of this contact number for any questions or challenges pertaining to their products or services.

However, it’s important to note that customers should take into account the store’s operational hours before placing a call.

Typically, the store is open from 10 AM to 9 PM from Monday through Saturday and from 11 AM to 6 PM on Sundays.

However, these operating times may change slightly during holiday periods or specific events.

Services Offered

  • Micro Center Dallas is more than just a retail store. It serves as a comprehensive tech hub offering a wide range of services. 
  • This encompasses a variety of services such as computer repair, tailor-made personal computers, and solutions for networking, among others.
  • For those facing issues with their computers, Micro Center’s team of expert technicians provides quick and efficient repair services. 
  • They are skilled at troubleshooting and resolving both hardware and software issues.
  • For gaming enthusiasts and professionals looking for high-performance computers, the store offers custom-built PCs. 
  • These are specially designed to align with the customer’s specific needs, thus ensuring they perfectly fit the user’s distinctive requirements and preferences.
  • Micro Center also provides robust networking solutions for both home and business environments. Their offerings include Wi-Fi systems, routers, modems, and related accessories.

Customer Service at Micro Center Dallas

An aspect that truly sets Micro Center apart is its commitment to superior customer service. Customers can expect prompt and helpful assistance both in-store and over the phone. 

The Micro Center Dallas phone number is not merely a channel for complaints and queries but a tool for enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong relationships.

For telephonic assistance, the customer service representatives at the Micro Center Dallas store are trained to handle a wide array of inquiries. 

These include product information, pricing, warranty details, return and refund policies, and troubleshooting assistance.


On a final note, remember that the Micro Center Dallas phone number is a valuable resource for any queries, concerns, or needs you might have related to tech products. 

The dedicated staff associated with this contact number stands ready to help, offering counsel and backing to make certain that your technological needs are addressed in the most efficient and gratifying manner conceivable.

Whether you’re a tech expert or a novice, Micro Center Dallas, with its vast product range and exceptional customer service, is a destination worth considering for your tech-related needs.

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