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Ohio Chase Routing Number

Ohio Chase Routing Number

Ohio Chase Routing Number: The routing number is a unique identification code assigned to banks and other financial institutions. 

One of the many banks with its unique routing number is JPMorgan Chase, a multinational banking and financial service provider. 

Ohio Chase Routing Number

This article delves into the specifics of the Ohio Chase routing number, providing detailed insights into what it is, its function, and how you can locate it.

What is a Routing Number?

The concept of a routing number was introduced by the American Bankers Association (ABA) in 1910. 

A routing number, alternatively referred to as an ABA number, represents a nine-digit identifier in the United States, used to determine the specific financial institution participating in a transaction.

This numeric identifier allows for the efficient and error-free processing of checks, direct deposits, bill payments, and electronic funds transfers. 

Each bank has a unique routing number, or possibly multiple numbers, assigned based on their location.

The Specifics of the Ohio Chase Routing Number

JPMorgan Chase Bank, often known as Chase Bank, uses different routing numbers for each of its regional branches. 

The routing number for Chase Bank in Ohio is 044000037

This unique number is assigned to Ohio Chase branches to facilitate smooth transactions and ensure that funds are sent to the correct place.

Functions of the Ohio Chase Routing Number

The Ohio Chase routing number is essential for a variety of financial transactions. 

For instance, if you are setting up a direct deposit for your paycheck, your employer will require your bank’s routing number. 

Similarly, when setting up automatic bill payments or transferring money electronically, you will need the Ohio Chase routing number

When penning a check, you can locate the routing number in the bottom left segment of the check.

How to Locate Your Ohio Chase Routing Number

There are several ways to find your Ohio Chase routing number.

  • Chase Online Banking: If you’re an account holder who uses Chase’s online banking service, you can discover your routing number by signing into your account. Go to “Account Information” or a similar section and you’ll find the routing number listed there.
  • Paper Check: On your Chase checks, the routing number is the first set of nine digits printed at the bottom left corner of the check.
  • Bank Statements: Chase bank statements also contain the routing number. You can find it at the top right corner of your monthly statement.
  • Chase Customer Service: If you’re unable to locate your routing number using the methods above, you can call Chase customer service for assistance.


The Ohio Chase routing number plays an essential role in various financial transactions. It allows banks and other financial institutions to accurately trace the flow of money. 

Whether you’re setting up direct deposit, paying bills, or transferring funds, you’ll need to know your routing number. 

Remember, Chase Bank’s routing number for Ohio is 044000037. With the guidance provided above, locating it should be a simple task.

In all financial matters, it is crucial to handle personal information, including your routing number, with care to avoid fraudulent activities. 

Always ensure your private information is well-protected and shared only when necessary.

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