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Target Locations Dallas TX

Target Locations Dallas TX

Target Locations Dallas TX: Target Corporation, known for its exceptional shopping experience and wide-ranging merchandise, has been serving American customers for more than a century. Among its multitude of locations nationwide, several are stationed in the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas. 

Target Locations Dallas TX

Every one of these areas represents the company’s commitment to delivering quality, affordability, and comfort to both local citizens and tourists.

Overview of Target Locations in Dallas

Dallas is home to several Target locations spread throughout the city’s different districts. 

For those in the north, the Cityplace Market and Medallion Center branches offer easy access. Meanwhile, residents in the southeast can visit the Wheatland Towne Crossing store. 

Not to be overlooked is the Preston Center location, which serves the city’s heart. 

Each of these stores provides a unique shopping experience while maintaining the brand’s staple offerings.

Cityplace Market

Situated at the intersection of Haskell Avenue and North Central Expressway, Cityplace Market’s Target store provides a comprehensive shopping experience. 

This location offers a wide array of products, from fresh groceries and household essentials to clothing and electronics. 

Additionally, it includes an in-house Starbucks and a CVS Pharmacy, providing convenience for shoppers looking to accomplish multiple errands in one trip.

Medallion Center

The Medallion Center Target is located off the Skillman Street and Abrams Road intersection. As with other Target locations, it offers a vast range of products. 

However, this store also houses specialty sections, such as a Beauty Concierge and a Tech Service Desk

These additional services ensure that shoppers can receive expert advice on a wide array of products and issues, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Wheatland Towne Crossing

Serving the Dallas suburb of Duncanville is the Wheatland Towne Crossing Target. 

This store has made prestige for its friendly personnel and top-notch customer service, forming a welcoming and relaxing environment for all customers.

It has an extensive selection of merchandise, from home decor to kid’s toys, as well as additional services like a CVS Pharmacy and an Optical Center.

Preston Center

Last but certainly not least, the Preston Center Target, located in the heart of Dallas, is a smaller, more condensed version of the standard Target store. 

It has a curated selection of goods that cater to the urban shopper, focusing on essential items and small-space living necessities. 

Despite its smaller size, it does not compromise on quality or variety, and like other locations, it also houses a Starbucks and a CVS Pharmacy.


Target’s presence in Dallas, Texas, manifests itself through varied locations, each offering unique benefits while maintaining the brand’s promise of quality and affordability. 

Whether you’re in the soul of the city or rooming in a suburban location, there’s always a Target store nearby willing to cater to your shopping requirements. 

The added convenience of additional services like Starbucks and CVS Pharmacy in-store ensures that your visit to any Dallas Target location is more than just a shopping trip—it’s an experience.

In the vast landscape of retail, Target’s dedication to providing an all-encompassing shopping experience sets it apart. 

As such, the residents and visitors of Dallas, Texas, can count on Target to meet their diverse needs. 

Whether it’s for a quick coffee run, a pharmacy visit, or a full-scale shopping spree, Target is a trusted stop in the heart of Texas.

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