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Target NYC Locations

Target NYC Locations

Target NYC Locations: Apart from its fame for Broadway shows, fine dining, iconic skyscrapers, and renowned museums, New York City, commonly known as the “Big Apple,” also offers the convenience and familiarity of Target stores.

Target NYC Locations

With a population of approximately 8.3 million residents, NYC accommodates numerous Target locations that have become essential components of the city’s various neighborhoods.

Target Stores: More Than Just Retail

Target transcends the concept of a mere retail store and holds a special place in the hearts of many Americans as a cherished all-in-one shopping destination. It offers a diverse selection of items ranging from household essentials and electronics to groceries, clothing, and beyond. What sets Target apart is its remarkable ability to tailor its product offerings to suit the specific requirements of the surrounding community.

Thus, the product assortment at each NYC Target location reflects the characteristics of the neighborhood where it resides.

Exploring NYC’s Target Locations

  • Downtown Brooklyn

Situated at 445 Albee Square W in Brooklyn, this store is an excellent option for residents or tourists in the downtown area. It offers two stories of shopping, covering everything from electronics to a well-stocked grocery section. This Target store is particularly known for its spacious aisles, cleanliness, and friendly staff. For those using public transport, it is conveniently located near multiple subway lines.

  • Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn

Another significant location is the Atlantic Terminal Target store, situated at 139 Flatbush Avenue. This location is right inside a shopping mall, which also houses a host of other retail shops. It is only a few steps from the Barclays Center, making it a convenient stop before or after a game or concert. Here you will find two floors filled with a broad range of products that cater to the diverse needs of the Brooklyn community.

  • East River Plaza, Manhattan

This store, located at 517 E 117th St, New York, NY, in Manhattan, stands tall at three levels and offers an impressive selection of items. It’s well-located for residents of East Harlem and the Upper East Side. Notably, this store offers free parking, which is a rarity in NYC!

  • Herald Square, Manhattan

Situated at 112 W 34th St, this store takes pride in its central location, being just a few steps away from the iconic Macy’s department store and other key attractions like the Empire State Building. It offers an impressive array of clothing options, beauty products, and home goods across its two floors. If you’re catching the train from Penn Station, this Target is conveniently nearby.

  • Bronx Terminal Market, Bronx

Situated at 700 Exterior St, this store is part of a larger shopping complex, making it a comprehensive shopping destination. Known for its well-organized layout and ample parking, it’s a favorite among Bronx locals. With its vast selection of clothing, toys, home goods, and groceries, this Target provides a versatile shopping experience.

  • Forest Hills, Queens

Located at 7000 Austin St, this is the go-to Target for the residents of Forest Hills and surrounding neighborhoods. Here you’ll find everything from children’s wear to groceries to home decor. Shoppers appreciate this store for its friendly staff and convenience, being just a few steps away from the subway station.

Adapting to the New York Vibe

Notably, Target has strategically positioned these stores to cater to the bustling, on-the-go lifestyle of New Yorkers. Many NYC Targets feature smaller, city-friendly layouts and carry a selection of products more tailored to urban living. They also offer online order pickup and same-day delivery services, perfect for those days when you’re too busy to stroll through the aisles.


Target has successfully assimilated into the lively essence of New York City, enriching the city’s varied and energetic environment. Through its wide selection of merchandise and dedication to meeting the demands of the local populace, Target has established itself as a cherished all-in-one shopping hub for countless New Yorkers.

Target has effortlessly adjusted to the constantly evolving demands of the community, positioning itself as a cherished destination for millions and an indispensable element of New York City’s retail panorama.

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